At CityHealth, We Understand​

We believe in providing world class healthcare for everyone
– when they need it most.

Healthcare solutions customized to what you,
your team, and your guests value most:

Attract & retain the best employees.

It’s hard to find & keep employees today, especially in leisure and hospitality. Improve your benefit offering and keep your people engaged.

Get the most out of your team.

Healthy and cared for employees stay longer, show up on time & perform their best.

Provide convenience & value to your hotel guests.

No more searching for an urgent care or ER when guests need it most – a private in-house solution provides comfort, satisfaction and unparalleled value to hotel guests.

Reduce risk.

Convenient healthcare solutions on site reduce your risk of an emergency or outbreak at your property.

Instill confidence in your guests & employees.

Accessible healthcare solutions mean employees feel valued at work and guests are confident in their safety during their stay.

Solutions customized for your property,
people, and guests.

Virtual Telehealth Visits

Our network of multispecialty providers is available to your employees and guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the simple scanning of a QR code.


Custom vending machines in common areas of your property provide secure, convenient access to:

On-site Care

An on-call, on-site provider with designated space and equipment needed to privately see and treat employees and guests, customized to your schedule and needs.

Transparent, up-front pricing, multiple insurance and prescription delivery partnerships mean the care you need is more accessible than ever.

Contact us to learn more about our custom
hospitality packages available for your property.