RapidReturn COVID-19 Test Kit

Testing that travels with you

Swab anywhere in the world, get travel-ready results in minutes

Returning to the US from international travel?

Don’t let your dream vacation become a nightmare.

Anyone wishing to enter the United States must have a recent negative COVID test (Rapid Antigen or Molecular PCR) from a certified provider.

Even fully-vaccinated citizens.

CityHealth’s new RapidReturn Kit is a supervised, certified, CDC-approved Rapid Antigen COVID test that you can take any time, from anywhere in the world.

Simply pack your test kits before you travel, login to our secure portal when it’s time to test, and enjoy travel-ready results guaranteed to get you home.

The test you need, from a provider you trust. It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

3 Simple Steps


Order & Pack your Test Kit

Orders placed before 3 pm ship same day. Pack your shelf-stable test in your carry-on during your travels.


Test Anytime & Anywhere

72 hours before departure, activate your test kit. A testing specialist will walk you through the sample collection.


Certified Results in Minutes

Your results form will be emailed to you immediately, with a secure link to download your results. Travel home with peace of mind.

The easiest self-administered pre-travel COVID test available

Skip long airport testing lineups, trying to locate an approved clinic in a foreign country, or coordinating in-person testing appointments. CityHealth’s RapidReturn Test Kit is ready when you are with a Rapid Antigen COVID test from a Trusted Testing Partner. Perfect for returning home to the US after international travel.

  • No appointment necessary.
  • Self-collect and test your sample during a supervised virtual visit with a testing specialist.
  • Receive a travel-ready Digital Health Certificate in minutes.

All you need is an internet connection, a device with a webcam, and 15 minutes!

*CityHealth is a US based company and Certified Trusted Testing partner. We’re committed to upholding industry-leading standards for testing quality, both at home and abroad.

RapidReturn Test Kit

✓  1 Rapid Antigen Test (plus a spare) per Kit
✓ Shelf-stable, suitable for carry-on luggage
✓ Supervised sample collection

✓ Digital Health Certificate ready in minutes

✓ Ready 24/7, no appointment needed

✓ Approved for entry to the US




per kit

Certified Trusted Testing Partner


About the RapidReturn COVID-19 Test Kit

CityHealth's RapidReturn Test Kit is designed for US travelers returning home from international travel. It is convenient, easy to use, and fits perfectly in your carry-on luggage.


Before you leave home, purchase your kit and pack it in your carry-on luggage. To take your return test, scan the QR code on the test or log on to cityhealth.com/intlkit within 3 days before your scheduled return flight. No appointment needed - testing specialists are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Tip: Use the contact information you would like your results sent to. For example, use your cell phone number and an email address that you check while traveling instead of your office number and work email.


Once you have activated your kit, a testing specialist will be with you shortly to help you through the easy sample collection process.


Once your sample is collected, you will test it using the testing solution provided. This takes about 10 minutes. A testing specialist will view the result and tell you if you are COVID positive or negative.


When the test is over, you will be sent a link via a secure email and text message to view and download your results. As a security feature, you’ll need to enter your name and date of birth to view your results.

This is a Rapid Antigen test. Your sample is collected via a self-administered nasal swab inserted about ¾” inside each nostril.

Results of this test are approved for re-entry to the United States.

Please allow at least 15 minutes for your testing appointment.


It will take about 10 minutes for the testing solution to return a result. Your official Digital Health Certificate will be sent to you as soon as it's generated, usually within 2-3 minutes of your appointment. In rare cases, it may take up to 5 hours for results to be delivered.

Each Kit contains 2 tests and one activation code. One test is a spare, in case of inconclusive results on the first test. 

Each test contains a box, sterile swab, pre-filled tube of testing reagent, and a test strip. Each Kit has a unique activation code to identify your results.

Note that there are enough supplies for one Kit per person. Two people cannot share one RapidReturn Kit. 

Purchase one Kit per traveler.


The testing specialist will ask to see your passport before the test begins to confirm your identity, required to issue a Digital Health Certificate.


If you do not have your passport handy, a US-issued driver’s license is also acceptable.

CityHealth ships within the United States only.

We recommend purchasing your kits before you leave, as we cannot guarantee international shipping.

Orders placed before 3 pm PST will ship same day. 

Orders placed after 3 pm PST will ship next day.

Regular orders will arrive within 3-5 days. 

Express orders will arrive the next day.

Yes. This test is designed for travelers, and all contents are shelf-stable and approved as cabin luggage

You will know your COVID status as soon as your sample is analyzed, which takes about 10 minutes.


After your test, you’ll receive a secure email and text message with a link to view and download your test results, called a Digital Health Certificate.


To keep your data secure, this link will expire in 72 hours. You will need to enter your first name, last name, and date of birth to access your results.

Pre-travel COVID tests must be taken within 3 days (72 hours) of your planned departure.


Simply scan the QR code on the test, or log in to cityhealth.com/intlkit to activate your kit and take your test.


No appointment needed - testing specialists are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Note: If your flight is delayed by more than 24 hours, you may have to re-take your test so that your results fall within the 3-day testing window.

About COVID-19 Testing for International Travel

Depending on your airline, you may be able to upload your Digital Health Certificate (your test results) to your airline’s booking app.


You can also present your Digital Heath Certificate on your mobile device or print a copy to show at the airport.

The type of test needed for international travel depends on the requirements of your destination country. For up-to-date information, please view these International Travel Restrictions by Country.


To re-enter the USA, a negative Rapid Antigen or Molecular PCR test, taken within 3 days of scheduled departure, is required.

This test is a Rapid Antigen test and is approved by the CDC for re-entry to the United States.

Check with your destination country. In most cases, you will be asked to provide a copy of your positive COVID test (a NAAT test, from a CLIA certified laboratory) and a signed letter from a medical professional stating that you have fully recovered and are not exhibiting any symptoms. This letter must be on professional letterhead, signed and dated at least 10 days after your positive test result, and no more than 14 days before your departure.


Requirements are subject to change without notice, so please check with your destination country for the most up-to-date requirements.

Yes. Per CDC recommendations, even fully vaccinated travelers are required to present proof of a negative COVID test before traveling to the US.

Without proof of a negative COVID test, you may not be allowed to board a plane bound for the US.


You must take a pre-travel COVID test 3 days before your scheduled departure, even if you are fully vaccinated.


The CDC recommends that travelers get COVID tested within 3-5 days of returning from international travel. Even if you’re fully vaccinated, you can still carry and spread COVID-19 variants.

Per CDC's guidance on international travel during COVID-19 anyone who is not vaccinated should avoid travel.


You should only travel after being fully vaccinated (2 weeks after your second dose, or 2 weeks after getting the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine).

Yes, CityHealth has several COVID testing locations throughout the San Francisco Bay area.
We also offer in-home, mail-in, pre-travel, workplace, and event testing options.


For more information, please visit our COVID testing page.